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As an out of town patient i mistakenly settled for a consultation by phone before one more in person at the op. I loved many features about my nose and wanted to and tried to emphasise these to Dr Naficy. I took many photos to our meet but he told me to put them away and just explain what I wanted. I was always made to feel like I was making a bigger deal of the procedure than it was and always felt guilty for asking another question about it. I was naturally scared about the procedure. Dr Naficy didnt go through the risks of the procedure with me or how I might risk losing features of my nose that I currently like in the procedure. He didn’t go through what the operation would involve. I always felt like I was pestering him when I asked him another question. I showed him (from his own patient’s after photos) what I did NOT want for my nose. However it seems he gives everyone the same nose. I am so sad. I have lost everything that I used to like about my nose. Now it looks very fake and stick like. I feel suicidal. I wish to God that the warning bells went off everytime he shrugged me my questions off and told me I was over-worrying about something, or the time when I tried to show him photos and he acted like this was a stupid and time wasting thing to do. I miss who I was. I was beautiful. People always used to comment on my beauty. There was just one tiny bump that had been making me feel insecure. I wish to God that I had to learned to just love that bump as a part of me. I wish I hadn’t put myself through the financial and physical expense of what I’ve been through. Since the surgery the staff have sent one sentence not especially bothered comments back on my feedback about how the process should be improved – how the doctor needs to go through risks and not just reassure the prospective patient. he should have gone over the risks of every element of the procedure. I find it hard to go on now. I was beautiful. my nose was the best thing about my face. I can’t believe I paid someone to change it into something they like. Dr Naficy does one nose look. Look at his site and that’s the nose you’ll get. He did very extensive work within my nose (which I found out from the operative notes only) when I had been assured that it would be a minimally invasive procedure. Using open rhinoplasty instead of closed rhinoplasty when there was no tip work was also not worth it – my incision has been sore and the tip of my nose rock hard since the operation. He left my nostrils upturned because of where he chose to reattach the tip. I now have a short nose when I loved the length of my former nose. I used to look striking. My nose had been extremely straight in spite of a tiny bump. Now it curves a bit, and looks like stick from the front. My nostrils are narrow and pulled tight because of how he has reattached the tip, so my nostrils are now in one line with the rest of my nose, when they used to be wider than the rest of my nose. I look like I have a line for a nose. This procedure has made me want to hide away from the world now. I have spent so much money on this procedure – all my savings – I now have nothing left – and it breaks my heart to know that I spent all my savings for someone to rob me of me. I don’t feel like myself any more. I feel fake. I look fake. I didn’t want a new nose but that’s what he’s given me. I wanted MY nose just with a tiny bump shaved off. But he very easily included other changes which I asked him about doing but deep down didn’t think were necessary. I realise now that he just does ‘1 nose’ and that’s all he was ever planning to do with me. I used to have a soft nose, the tip used to be round and low, the nose was striking and long. Now I have a short upturned nose, which looks very pointy because of the nostrils and reduced length. I look so different from the profiles that I used to adore. I have also aged myself considerably by this procedure – I used to always be told I had a youthful and beautiful face and now the darkness and loss of fat under my eyes and loss of skin elasticity around my eyes has aged me 10 years. I just wish he had gone through the risks. I feel suicdal after my experience, which is sad because I had been at a point in my career where things were starting to finally get going. I have also had post nasal drip and a horrendous cough since rhinoplasty which has been hard to deal with. I am now suffering from empty nose syndrome. and the mucous has not returned to my nose. doctors have told me that it is likely the nerves were traumatised my the surgery and now and damaged. This has destroyed my life. I am now unable to sleep or breathe properly any more. I am not sure whether I can continue with life. I had just started my career but this has destroyed my appearance and my health (and finances, but that’s less important, at least money is replaceable). I was assigned a patient care coordinator from the day I began enquiring about surgery. Her name was Vivian, but the name is irrelevant, I’m sure all of them are the same. Basically she sweet talked to me a hell of a lot, all she did was reassure me. I realise now that most of the time the patient care co-ordinator or Dr naficy talked to me it was all just positive reassurance and ‘you’re worrying about nothing’. as mentioned before, dr naficy not once went through the risks or surgical procedure with me. i was gullible and thought this was acceptible. he didnt even do imaging. crazy now i come to think of it, when i paid double for his services what most surgeons usually charge. and i later find that he has changed so much about my nose, instead of keeping it mostly the same. he did invasive unnecessary surgery. and now i have empty nose syndrome. also this patient care co-ordinator was ‘so helpful’ before surgery, before she had my money, always responding to my questions. but since surgery, since i’ve come back to the uk and have become distressed she has not been replying at all! the dr sometimes replies (which is better than i have come to expect after my experience i’ll admit, and i appreciate that, not that it’s something i should feel is an ‘extra’) but again – days will go by after i have sent him a question about an area of medical concern and he will not reply. i can’t understand how you do that to your patients. now i realise the whole point of the patient care co-ordinators is to minimise the amount of time the dr has to spend with you.looking back i spent so much time talking to Vivian, and hardly any talking to the dr, which now makes no sense at all. i was also a natural beauty before this surgery and that also makes me realise that i was taken advantage of – a normal doctor would have turned me away – saying i don’t need surgery. now i have to try and get revision rhino (by another dr) to see if he can restore some of my original features. i don’t know if i am strong enough to keep going but will try. i feel that dr naficy and vivian destroyed my life. i can never forgive them for what they have done to me. i will keep asking him medical questions and i feel he should respond in accordance with his responsibiilty to me as a dr, but the more i look back on my experience with these people, the more i realise that for them it’s all about making a quick buck. dr naficy will give you the one nose job that he seems to do. go see a dr who can do 3d imaging. go see a dr who will listen. most importantly go see a doctor who CARES about you. all i have ever been made to feel when working with these people (right from the start) was guilt for asking questions – when i never asked enough and was given more positive reassurance than information. my life has fallen apart since the surgery. i have gone from being a strong independent woman to someone who needs support and someone who hates herself. i used to have so much self-love and now all i have is self-hate. i was beautiful. now i have this fat shapeless block of a nose. with no tip and without my characteristic beautiful nose length and projection. i hope that i can survive long enough for a revision. i will get the widening spreader grafts removed and see what can be done about restoring the length and angle of my nose. i am distraught that one doctor said that this would be very difficult. i hate that this has destroyed my life.

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