Salsa Fiesta Miami Florida


Complaint: Beware the hiring ads for Salsa Fiesta, a place which promises high standards and growth opportunity for employees and does the exact opposite. Health code violations galore: From silverware to cold storage, tumblers and plates are left on the floor of the kitchen and on the ground next to the garbage on patio. “Clean”” dishes come out so dirty that employees have to hand rinse or wipe them a second time before serving. Also despite claims that all food is made fresh daily

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: containers of salsa

Website: highly motivated individuals

Phone: in cold storage often don’t have tags or expiration dates because items are stored in there as long as possible to cut down on cost. Weeks if need be. Not made fresh daily. Employees are interviewed for over an hour by Ileana Cordon-Garces who verbally creates a picture of a perfect restaurant environment

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