Sagamore Lending Review


A Man named Ralph Warren, ext. 3001, Called me saying that they were going to garnish my wages due to a debt that was not paid in 2012. He did not know any of my information at all, like he was picking or prying for the correct information. He stated that he was calling from Innamediation Recovery debt collecting for Sagamore Lending and that I owed $800. And that the amount being garnished was $2000, which would be filed by court order if I did not resolve the issue promptly. Also said that the company taking my payment was name A.P.E Processing. Which caught my attention, but I was too afraid of being garnished I immediatelyPaid $350 and made future arrangements. After getting off the phone and searched and google for all three companies and found nothing except closed businesses and reports of scams. So I called back revoking permission to process my payment and cancelled future payments. It was sealed in stone that it was a scam when he was not willing to cancel my payment and go forward with the alleged garnishment. Please please give no information to anyone even if you know they are legit. Let them know to smile you what they are alleging and handle it that way.

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By Ronald

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