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Safeguard Properties contracts local individuals across the country to maintain foreclosed properties. The company refuses to take seriously any complaint against their employees. First of all, I a homeowner whose property joins that of a foreclosed property. The yard had not been mowed for a while. Grass was more than 8 inches tall. When their contractors finally came around to mow it, they were observed only mowing a 10-15 foot parameter around the home. The yard joins mine and is subsequently the only yard with a 360 degree view of more than 5 surrounding properties that has not been mowed. It looks horrible. Called the company’s toll free number as provided on their website and explained the situation to several of their phone representatives getting placed on hold for long periods of time all along the way until I finally came upon an individual who actually took the property address and verified that it was under their care. I only asked him to please follow up on yesterday’s mowing fiasco explaining to him that they only mowed a small portion of the yard right around the house not more than 20 feet around the parameter. Additionally, I told him that the two guys had told me that they were paid to mow 150 feet on each side which they did not do. He verified then and then proceeded to tell me all about the property located in Virginia when he is sitting at his desk in Ohio and how the job had been completed to the company’s satisfaction and they would not be sending out anyone to do any further maintenance on the property. I advised him that there was a local ordinance requiring yards to be mowed regularly and of the particulars of this ordinance as well as the fact that I had dated time stamped photos of the two men who were doing the work, what they were doing, their vehicles, equipment, etc. and a license plate number. That seemed to get his attention enough for him to tell me that he’d look into it and advise the broker handling the property of it…He refused to give me the broker information for the purpose of speaking with them myself about the problem in an attempt to get it resolved and hung up on me. This company seems to already have a bad following according to those who have worked for them here on and I am here to say that I can’t speak highly of them from a simple customer service stand point. My property is being made to look like an unkept yard along with the other surrounding properties. I am aware that there have been other complaints about it to no avail by neighbors who take the time to make their properties look nice and keep them looking nice.

7887 Safeguard Circle Valley View OH 44125 Valley View, Ohio USA

800 852 8306

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