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I’ve used Fiverr.com as a buyer and I will continue to do so, but everyone needs to be aware of the so-called “”top seller”” RyanGillam. He had great reviews and we talked previously about the project before placing the order. He seemed very happy to take on the order as he explained that the topic was in his wheel house. I spent over $100 on hiw gig, which also included at least ONE article to be delivered within three days (which I paid extra for – the rest could be delivered by the deadline stated on the gig). I found the seller RyanGillam on the Forums complaining about how he has gotten less orders over the past few months, and I reached out about ordering his gig. Being Top rated seller, native English speaker with great reviews I thought it was a fabulous idea. I was wrong and I hope everyone learns from my experience. A few days went by and the ONE article that I paid extra for for quick delivery never arrived. I even waited a a few more days. I contacted him and he was annoyed that I inquired about the status of my order. After realizing I wasn’t going to recieve the quick delivery extra that I paid for, I decided to let that one go and just wait a few more weeks for the total order to come in. All the while, I’ve been extrememly nice, polite, and patient with the seller. I even tipped in advance! Big mistake on my part… The seller RyanGillam missed the deadline for my orders and after I contacted him, he sent me a long, drawn-out story about issues he had with another buyer and how he wants to spend more time with his girlfriend? He also unloaded on me way too much personal information about his life: A big drama queen. At this point, two full months had gone by and not a single delivery. Another couple weeks went by and I inquired about the status of the order and he sent me another long, drawn-out message about how he’s not feeling well, his girlfriend is made at him, and that Fiverr is hard, blah blah blah. What?! All the while, he continues to post frequently on the fiverr forums complaining about not getting enough orders….. I asked him to mutually cancel the order on a few ocassions as it was clear that he was not going to deliver because he had too many personal issues going on. He got mad, refused the idea, and delivered EMPTY. which means he “”delivered”” but didn’t send any work at all. I asked why he did this and he actually sent me a message stating that “”he’s a top seller and can do what he wants””. I couldn’t believe it. He also threatened to have another seller he knows hack my website!! If I file a paypal dispute my account will get banned apparently from Fiverr. I refused the delivery of course and just wanted to give the project to a more professional, reputable seller at this point or get my money back. I sent a message to Fiverr CS and I didn’t recieve a reply. When I checked my Fiverr messages one morning, I read the message “”HA HA! I had Fiverr CS complete the order and there’s nothing you can do about lol. Thanks for the free money hahaha!!”” RyanGillam recieved over $100 of my hard-earned money and never delivered a thing. I have NEVER been treated this terribly by a Fiverr seller or any seller for that matter. After a long battle I finally was able to get my $100 credited back to my Fiverr account, but this seller has still retained his top seller badge and continues to harrass other buyers. I’ve talked to other buyers about RyanGillam and they’ve had similar experience. He is running a scam. He cherry picks which gigs he wants to do and flakes on the rest. I also found out that he pays for good reviews!! He’s made A LOT of money with this gig and who know how much of it was stolen from buyers he’s threatened with hacking. From what I’ve gathered from fellow buyers, he may be a teenager? he’s definitely not a professional in any sense of the word. It appears he has a friend or two in Fiverr customer service who helps him rip off buyers. Hopefully Fiverr has removed that employee as I received an extrememly nice, apologetic email from CS about what happened to me. In fact, they offered to credit it back to my paypal (which they don’t normally do because it’s stated in TOS that you only get store credit so to speak). I want to note that this review IS NOT a complaint against Fiverr but a seller who has somehow managed to slip through the cracks and continue to scam people. Please learn from my experience and avoid Fiverr seller ryangillam – no one deserves to be treated that way. I take full responsibility for letting myself get duped by this punk kid. I just hope no one has to deal with this type of treatment. .

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