Rusty Wallace Racing Experience Review


Had email for Groupon.. what a mess. it took hours upon hours two women to take turns straighting out the groupon and contacting the Milwaukee mile Rusty wallace ride along to schedule it. Then we got a email saying rain date for the date we planned and we already took off work for. So we quilcky reschedule what a mess again calling trying to set it up. Then our work schedule changed we tried to call saying can we schedule I see you have openings in October.. they said there is a fee and we’d have to pay . I said you kidding me we already rescheduled because YOU asked us to and we had to take off work for it request off ..I asked for manager. I exsplained this was to be a birthday gift and its already been pushed back and back. Cant we do it on a open date I seen on line and its sweetest day that day lol and I can put i for off at work once again ..Since this sept 9th I was scheduled to work I cant get off. Manager said we have to charge you. I mean we already took half a day it seemed setting up the thing calling groupon back and forth to get it straightened out Not sure I want to do groupons again .! then to set it up with the 588 22 rusty number .. wait times on the phones one day was half h our.. rediculas. so I said you serious we have to drive two hours or more to get there , rescheduled becasue you asked us to and the gas to travel is not a bonus.. and we are average hard working people .. Just wanted to do something nice for my man. Manager said cant do nothing about the fee . for rescheduling sorry. its too late to reschedule without a fee. But the other person that was doing the same day we set up the first time we tried this he got his changed to a drive instead of drive along. So he upgraded they got money for upgrade no fee to change it.. But we just couldnt get off work for ride along we paid with a groupon ??? shame on you taking hard working poeples money.. shame. I guess my man will not be doing a ride along with this milwaukee mile with poor customer service.. I doubt I will reschedule next year or pay again for this ..What a rigamore deal. scam. just want our money..


  • Name: Rusty Wallace Racing Experience
  • Country: United States
  • State: Rhode Island
  • City: Pawtucket
  • Address: 65 Patterson Ave.
  • Phone: 855-227-8789
  • Website:

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