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Complaint: Rules of Renovation sucks you in and then lies about the program and it costs you a lot of money. REI Holdings is he company that owns RofR, and all of the others listed above. They take advantage of people who really want to learn how to get into real estate and flip houses. They are sales people not educators. We did our due diligence before getting deeply involved but I do not believe everything I read especially on the internet. There are some people that are never happy and will write something that is not true. However; everything I had read online was true. All they are interested in is getting your money and if you attend a “free”” seminar and you see through the scam (I wish I had). The mentors do not really mentor. You are told that they will come and spend two days with you and then they never do. If anyone in the seminar has a question or questions how the program works they say you are being negitative and that you probably will not make it in this venture. Please listen to me and run far away. We have been doing this for nine months and it is not easy

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Address: it does not happen within the 90 days they say

Website: it’s that fraudulent.”

Phone: the “”investors””/con artist that hold the seminars say they will “”personnally help you with a deal and they do not. Please do not go to the seminars

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By Ronald

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