Upon looking at on-line I was amazed at the number of “dishonorable discharge” (s). To me this would indicate some serious infraction, even if this appeared in some play type forum where participants had some type of military rank (forum moderator generals) and the members are subject to regulations resulting in disciplinary action. I was unable to determine what these regulations are and my appraisal of the forum could not find and infractions that would result in a “dishonorable discharge”. Some examples of forum infractions causing a “dishonorable discharge” would be advocating treason against the United States, disclosure of classified information, disclosure of certain protected information in regard to on-going bidding, disclosure of confidential personal information with the intent to harm. Infact, after reading many of the postings of “dishonorably discharged” members I could find nothing that would arise to the infractions mentioned above but did find numerous postings including documentation contrary to the responses of a certain forum moderator – Lowegian. | I am a former U.S. armed forces commissioned officer and a Vietnam war veteran (honorably discharged) in the real U.S. military. Some of my duties at that time involved participation in investigations where heavy penalties or cash awards were handed out by general court martials, investigative boards, and non-judicial proceedings (Captain’s Mast). A real dishonorable discharge is no casual or joking matter like treats this long term personal disaster. | I think is disgusting and stupid and the the fake military stuff is only part of it.


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