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Complaint: We are a small contracting/service company in Schaumburg, IL. We have performed A++ quality work at 19 Ruby Tuesday locations in the Midwest, IL. region. Work ranging from HVAC, Equipment Repair, Plumbing to General Construction. The Managers approved and signed off on all work rendered as well as requested us to service all additional issues that were found daily on site. We rendered work at Ruby Tuesday locations for over a year. We were suddenly told our services were no longer needed. When we inquired about the 50,000+K in open/unpaid invoices the company owed us as a whole, per their lawyer, May (and I quote), we were told “to get in line”” and we would not be receiving any payment for work already satisfactorily completed and unpaid for.”

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Address: 150 West Church Avenue Maryville, TN. 37801 Maryvill, Tennessee United States of America


Phone: 865-379-5700

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