Rubin & Rothman Review


Rubin & Rothman LLC put a Bank Levy on my TD Bank checking account claiming they had a judgement against me. I was never served or summoned with any papers to go to court to dispute or for alleged debt to be validated every. I believe my Consumer Rights have been violated by Rubin & Rothman they have caused me undue financial difficulties. I am not sure amount of alleged debt suing me for is accurate never have validate this to me, statute of limitations on alleged debt, no sure how old alleged debt is possibly expired-time barred.


  • Name: Rubin & Rothman
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Islandia
  • Address: 1787 Veterans Memorial Hwy
  • Phone: 631-234-1500
  • Website:

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By Ronald

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