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In March 09,we attended the presentation and signed up for membership at SeaLand Travel Club, and paid in full through BoA. We had to wait till August 09, to receive our membership. They promised us 60% to 70% discount. SeaLand Travel quoted us on a cruise, but a local Travel Agency and another on-line Travel Service was able to beat their price. Why did we have to join the Club if other companies have better prices. We signed the contract, rescinded it within 72 hours in writing, but Royal Palms Travel refused to refund our money. We are on file with:Better Business Bureau, Attorney General of Texas and Federal Trade Commission. Please, join me on our Class Action Suit, this kind of business practices are illegal and we the law abiding citicens have to be protected.

13355 Noel Rd. Ste 1850 Dallas, Texas United States of America


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