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| Melissa Meitz is at it again. Not only is she running the fraudulent business Clover, but she is running she runs this business through her number 0421 007 471. Royal Hair extensions is a scam business Melissa Meitz created in order to fraud thousands apon thousand out of Business’s. She came into the industry inpersonating to be a daughter of a well known Manufacturing company. She gain alot of peoples trust convincing myself and others she would be selling real russian hair to salons in Australia. | Melissa Meizt has left Salon owners in Australia in complete distress. Salons have spent thousands buying hair of her believing the hair she is selling is the highest quality. Instead what myself and others got was RUBBISH! | She claims she does business with the high end salons claiming to be everybody supplier, when in actual fact known of the salons she mentioned to me have ever even heard of her. She makes everything up. Having spend so much money and being ripped of, i confronted her and told her “you said the hair would last 3 years, it has only lasted 6 weeks”. | She responded with swearing, screaming and telling me she would ruin my business if i deared take legal action. For some time Melissa would stalk myself and my business. She would leave messages on my phone that would make my skin crawl. Eventually i had to ring the police. I did contact Consumer Affair over being ripped of and they told me that Royal hair extensions does not exsist! Its not registed, theres no A.B.N. | Its my believe that she’s running this business from her lounge room at home. | I ask all people who have been ripped off to tell your story, warn others so they dont get ripped of by her.


  • Name: Royal Hair Extensions Melbourne
  • Country: Australia
  • State: Victoria
  • City: Werribee
  • Address: 12 Bridge St
  • Phone: 421-007-471
  • Website:

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