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He lies and manipulates. He is always the victim. In short, he’s a narcissist. He was married for 17-18 years and cheated on his wife constantly. Instead of doing what he was supposed to do as a husband, he wanted to sit back and reap the benefits of his wife’s hard labor. He’s not an affluent narcissist. He’s simply a narcissist who likes to be around affluent people in order to make himself appear more important than he actually is…which is how his mistress comes into the picture. She’s a rich woman who owns a successful company so he made sure to get with her. Cheating on his lunch breaks at work, coming home late and all types of infidelity with this woman for yeaaarrrrs. While also being physically and mentally abusive which he is still mentally abusive to them. He left his ex-wife with all types of debt and owes backpay in child support. He’s constantly enjoying the good life (thanks to his now fiancee/girlfriend) on his social media pages yet tells his family he has no money and makes a fuss about paying for things such as his child’s extracurricular activities and daughter’s car costs. He is scum. Anyone who comes across this narc better be careful. He looks like he has it all together but his rich girlfriend/fiancee is of course paying for everything. If he’s not dropping off her products to various locations, he’s doing his typical escort-type of life by offering penis to any woman with resources who will take care of him (his narcissistic supply). Best believe, he will emotionally drain every last woman who gets a piece of him. He shows no loyalty to anyone but HIMSELF.

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By Ronald

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