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I had an accident on i95 going through Connecticut, the vehicle was still drive-able but the engine was surging due to a stuck cruise cable and also had front end damage. Since I did not have full coverage but did want to get the vehicle home I opted to have it towed to a local garage. I do have AAA but was still 700 miles from home at this point. The garage that towed the vehicle recommended an affiliated body shop take a look at it the next morning. | This was Sunday morning and the driver said i would get a call from them Monday morning. I will say the driver and gas station attendant were very helpful in getting me a rental. That’s were the good ended. Never got a call so Wednesday I started calling them, out of 12 calls over 3 days only 1 was picked up and the employee said the “tear down” had already started. After Wednesday they never picked up again so I had to guess that they had not started taking it apart and drove all Friday night with my truck and trailer 10pm-12pm. Also had to guess at there Saturday Hours since they wouldn’t pick up the phone. Their Facebook said they were open until 1 pm but when I got there at 12:30 they were closed. Then I proceeded to ask at the original shop/gas station that picked the car up if I could be accommodated since I had driven so far and had received no customer service but “there was nothing they could do.” | Had to get a hotel for 2 nights and wait until Monday morning. When I showed up to get the car they said it would be $1150.00!!! For 8 miles of towing and sitting in there lot for 7 days! The original tow was 133.00, but the second tow of the exact same distance was 190.00. Also it was $75-$100 a day for storage. If they had been honest up front I WOULD NEVER HAVE LET THEM PICK IT UP. If they weren’t going to even look at it or call me I wouldn’t have bothered with them. | Also I sell online for my job and all my Monday orders WERE LATE DUE TO THERE COMPLETE AND UTTER LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE! All and all I should have known better than to think an out of town body shop would try to help me out.


  • Name: Route 136 Auto Body
  • Country: United States
  • State: Connecticut
  • City: Norwalk
  • Address: 60 Van Zant St
  • Phone: 203-523-0043
  • Website:

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