Rosemary Cardenas – HO HO HOMEWRECKER!!! California


Rosemary Cardenas is born and raised in Colton, California. Shes is 45 and looks like she is 55. She looks as if she has had some Trauma in her life. She is slow. She is NOTHING to look at. She is all strung out on METH!! She is A METH SLORE!!! She RUINED MY 28 YEAR MARRIAGE. She buys her way with the married men. That is the only way she can get a man. She only goes after Married men because that is the closest to getting Married. She plays high school games. That is where she is at mentally i believe. I am now getting Divorced. I have tried to get rid of this HOMEWRECKER BUT SHE KEEPS CLINGING ON. SO I WILL JUST USE HER FOR HER MONEY. I CHEAT ON HER CONSTANTLY and still does not GO AWAY. COLTON,, BEWARE OF THIS SLORE. IF SHE COMES YOUR WAY RUN. SHE IS A DIRTY PIECE OF SH1T!!

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By Ronald

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