Rose L. Herron – Dallas, Texas Texas


Rose L Herron, realtor Texas, is a w**** who sleeps with married men. She has low morals and no ethics her current cheating man Darrell left his wife and three kids cause Rose the whore opened her legs and her mouth for his dick. They got engaged while he was married and living with his family. Rose goes to church but apparently does not read the Bible or follow the commandments. God will never bless you with another woman’s husband. Rose the whore thinks she’s lucky to get Darrell.. stupid silly girl.. your prize is a lying cheating man. His family are the lucky ones to get rid of the selfish coward! A real man would end a relationship before starting another. Rose Herron and Darrell Grayson are nothing but selfish adulterers! If Karma doesn’t get you God will!! Do not use this whore as your realtor!! Spread the word!!! I hope all their friends and family in Texas see this and know how cruel and self centered these two are. I hope his wife and kids realize how much better off they are that this man is gone. There is NO justification for cheating!

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By Ronald

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