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I was contacted about a contract job by a recruiter from Rose International. After I said I was interested in applying, I was asked to provide several pieces of information that would enable the company to run a credit check on me – or so that was the story. This would show the prospective employer that I was REALLY interested in the job. Now I’m not stupid and I know that companies don’t waste their money running credit checks on just anyone, but somehow I found myself going along with this request like an idiot. After I hung up I couldn’t believe it. I panicked. Of course, I never heard back from “the recruiter”. After I did a little more checking, it appears that Rose International has a TON of recruiters and relatively few employees. I found THAT interesting. | Save yourself a lot of heartache. Don’t fall for this scam. Hiring companies do NOT run credit checks BEFORE they have even met with you and there is NO reason that a recruiter needs to know this information up front – or at all. If anyone asks for it, hang up. I knew this but my brain fell out of my head for a moment.


  • Name: Rose International, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Missouri
  • City: Chesterfield
  • Address: 61401 Swingley Ridgew Rd. Suite 300
  • Phone: 636-812-4000
  • Website:

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