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Complaint: It never case’s to amaze me, with these company’s that think their s#^% don’t stink, but this company needs a wake up call, or I will begin to tear down, piece by piece. My wife and I purchase a rocky box that streams movies from the internet, the machine ran us $99.00 dollars. We’ve had it over a year now, but we have had problem after problem, with this wireless piece of s*1^, wait can’t be wireless, but a piece of s#&@ just the same. The day we got it, it took months to install because I put my information into the system wrong, so I contacted Rocky support, to see if these as$#*%^$ could set me up with the password I had attempted to put in. Here’ the experience I had with Roku’s tech support, for the minute I was on the phone with them. I want to say one thing before I complete this complaint. I sure am glad the NSA and our U.S. Government has been into not allowing these open box rock into our country because only one thing better than a box of rocks, is how far you can throw them. And what we don’t need is another rock to throw. Even if there a box of dumb rocks. Well for less than a minute I was on the phone, which seemed like India. But I’m sure they were based in CA. None the less. I contacted Roku tech support. To see if I get get the code to access movies, so what happens is tech support didn’t know Jack s#^! About my machine, why because the machine I just bought no longer had a warranty. I said so, what’s the problem, he says no warranty no fix. I Said, now look here pal, I don’t career your at, be it CA. For Fl. I will reach my arm into this phone, and personally stamp my warranty into your forehead, and set your turbine ablaze, if you don’t give me my access code. He hung up. I guess my angry gotten the best of him, well after a few more cracks at Rocky, the bottom line was, I pay them $365.98 for an extended warranty or you big screwed. Now this wouldn’t had been a problem any other time. If, when we bought this piece of s%*!, while it still had its original warranty. Had we been informed from staples that your warranty, would be expiring in two months. That maybe you may want to purchase an extended warranty, you know in case something goes wrong. Hoodoo Really, wow now that would have been a good idea at the time. The first month out of staples, our warranty had expired. I’d like to know, where these company’s grow the balls and a are allowed to get away with this carp. Have we gone totally complacent, with our Government, that we don’t even look to see that the he’ll they are up too anymore, we just assume, they are looking out for our interests, oh I made a funny, didn’t I, sorry won’t do it again. But that’s it for this piece of s^@% we wasted $99.00 dollars on. I just had to get my sanity back, now I have to see why my brand new washer machine isn’t working. But who knows maybe it’s standing on its side. Couldn’t be I put it in. Till next time.

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