Rodeway Inn Spokane Washington Review


I called for reservation, told them it was for my anniversary. I checked in & the lady said you’re over there, flopped her hand in the general direction. So I had to wonder around the hotel to find our room. Our room was upstairs, NO ELEVATOR, & I am a heart patient, & the stairs were VERY hard on me. nOnce we found it & opened it up we saw a donkey painted on the wall, inside were barn animals everywhere, with a white picket fence even. There was a BIG bull painted on the wall that was staring at us when we laid on the bed. In the bathroom they had chicken wire stapled to the picture frames. We were appalled. nWe live in town; reason why I got the room is so my husband & I can enjoy a nice room with a hot tub together. The hot tub was for 1 person. It was VERY upsetting. nIt was a busy weekend for our region; many hotels were booked. I wanted to complain, but at check in she was so aloof and rude, I was worried that she would kick us out without refund. It ruined my anniversary, but we stayed anyway so it wouldn’t be a complete bust. nAt check out I complained & she had the nerve to yell back at me. I wouldn’t want this hotel connected to my chain of hotels. We go to hotels, expensive ones even, often & this one is worst we’ve ever been to. nWhen you are crying yourself to sleep on your anniversary, and it isn’t your husband’s fault there is a MAJOR problem going on. nDoninenSpokane, WashingtonU.S.A.

6309 E Broadway, Spokane, Washington U.S.A.



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By Ronald

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