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Everything Helen S. said! Not much of a description of the type of print graphics, so you have to rely on the image alone. I had to return the one item that I did receive, because it didn’t look the same as pictured, and the size was too big and odd fitting for a Small, yet this was the smallest size. So, their sizing chart doesn’t help out much, but I know this all depends on the manufacturer. There should be an availability status on the item page, because I had wait almost 2 months for a backordered item before I just had to cancel. I was charged for the backordered item too, yet never even got a status update or an estimated time frame. It would’ve been easier if the backorders were charged at the time of shipment. If you wanna take your chances, best to hit up customer service before about item availability. Returns are hectic, and you never know when your refund is issued unless you call customer service or follow up with your bank. Their site claims, “There is a $5.00 restocking fee ($10.00 on men’s and women’s shoes) on all returned merchandise, unless a shipping mistake was made by us. This fee covers all processing, packaging and shipping charges for your return.” Why do they even need a restocking fee if their shipping isn’t free–cheapest shipping is $8–and the items aren’t even sealed–just a folded shirt in a mail bag!? So, you have to pay for return shipping, aren’t returned the $8 s/h fee, and lose an additional $5-$10. Now you just paid for the entire item with just these fees, and are left with nothing in hand–might as well have kept the item and sold it on eBay. BOTTOM LINE–poor item descriptions, bad to non-existent customer service, returns are hectic, and the only online store that claims it’s stocked with almost every rare or outdated item, but most are unavailable or even discontinued–but you’ll be waiting for those discontinued items an eternity.

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