Rocio is a home wrecking bitch!! She was constantly on Facebook posting selfies going to bars(AND STILL DOES WITH MY HUSBAND NOW)drinking and doing drugs. Flaunting her desperation! We have many friends in common that she has hit on or tried to sleep with even before my husband! These men have personally called her desperate and gross! She cries about being a single mother with adult children begging for attention!I have a child with whom I married who takes no responsibility for our son. All his money goes to partying and his drugs and whore. Great father right? There has been no concern since he has been out of our lives. This bitch is constantly stalking me. Her and her ghetto wetback family.They have stolen pictures of my son posted them. And bashed me as his mother. A child that I care for alone 24/7. In every way. She also feels the need to inbox my friends trying to justify her adultress behavior. She is a 45 year old pharmacy technician who works at Skilled Nursing Pharmacy in City of Industry. Where she is able to get the drugs for my husband and her habit. She lives with her parents and has for years. Never a woman on her own. She called my baby RETARDED before he was born hearing I was pregnant with a child with a disability. She is an evil narcissistic bitch!! She calls MY SON,HIS SON “that kid or that baby” The dirty bitch goes around talking about “Happily Ever After” with a married man. She is insane! And goes around saying and posting “God is blessing her” No he is testing her!! And she will be begging for God to help her when all is said and done! Who in their right mind goes after married man? WOMEN WITH NO MORALS OR SELF RESPECT that is who!! She is a dirty desperate hoe who chased and waited for 3 years for him.And was at his side drying his tears 5 days after we separated!! SCUMMY BITCH!! Well enjoy your drug taking and whore dates bitch! He has a child with responsibilities and it is all fun and games now!..but once reality sets in you will be trashed to the curb! Just as HIS friends say!He will eventually miss his son and realize what was lost and reality is HE HAS NO WHORE TO BLAME BUT YOU!! Dirty how bag!

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By Ronald

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