Robinsons-May El Cajon California Review


It was October something I went to the Robinsons-May co to see about the mattress sale they were having. Turns out the mattresses on sale were not something you’d want anyone you care about to sleep on, so you have to shell out a few hundred buck more, for something decent. So I agreed to. I opened a credit account, or tried to. They didn’t like the fact that I used my cell # as my main #, so they denied me credit. I went out to my vehicle and got my home #, which is only used for internet access. They gave me an account, and sold me a mattress on deffered credit. n2 weeks after the mattress was supposed to be delivered to a store where I could pick it up, I phoned, got through the voice mail hell, and was told to wait another week or two. I did. I called again, got through voice mail hell again (I can be patient) and was told to wait some more. nI went elsewhere and bought a mattress in stock and picked it up that day. nI called Robinsons and told them that I’d bought elsewhere, and to cancel the order. I was assured it was cancelled. nSo January I get a bill for the mattress I never received. I phoned again, talked to Delila, JOse, Barbie and others, and finally the store manager, Lauren Murphy, who assured me this would be taken care of. I have voice mails saved to this affect. nI got another bill with a past due notice in February. I phoned again, just after 9pm, got an answering service, who assured me that it wasn’t possible for them to phone anybody and have somebody CALL ME. I’d have to PHONE AGAIN in the morning. nThis is absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been to small claims court before, and I think it might be easier to file and have them respond that way. My fingers are worn out from dialing and trying to get them to correct this. nThink twice about opening a credit account with them. The next step in this mess I suppose is figuring out how badly these buffoons have wrecked my good credit. nDavidnEl Cajon, CaliforniaU.S.A.

El Cajon, CA El Cajon, California U.S.A.

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