Robin Leigh Towns – Shreveport, Louisiana Louisiana


While my husband was working away from home, this local women Robin Leigh Towns decided it was OK to sleep around with a MARRIED MAN… These type of women are the WORST TRASH YOU’LL EVER COME BY. They say respect them. Respect. FAMILY??? This woman wanted my life, my husband. Posting Odes of LOVE to him on Facebook!! This woman told me she was LISTENING TO OUR PHONE CONVERSATION while taking it in the… || This is ONE SICK ….. Robin Leigh Towns KNEW HE WAS MARRIED AND DIDNT CARE. I am fully aware it takes two… BUT THE WOMAN MAKES THE LAST CALL. You are either WILLING or Being Raped. Women like this give GOOD Women a BAD Name… TIME to Take the TRASH OUT LADIES! And your trashy ass could NEVER FILL THESE SHOES. Getting on with my happy.

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By Ronald

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