Roberto Benitez – Split Personality California


Roberto Benitez Flores pretends to be a single man. He will wine and dine you but conveniently forget that he has a wife and kid at home. He will plan trips with you, discuss moving in with you all to gain your trust. He wants to cheat on his wife by having sex with other women. He will go to great lengths to get you to sleep with another man so that he can enjoy the man’ s wife. One can only assume that his wife is not interested in such arrangements or he would be asking her to engage in such activities. When you inform his wife she acts nonchalant so I can only assume she doesnt care what her husband is doing outside the marriage. This man snores like a freight train and has a big beer belly so if your into that and think that is sexy by all means feel free to get with this loser. However, be aware that this middle aged small member man will blame the woman he is cheating with (emotional and physical) for his lack of self control and indiscretions. Mind you he is the liar and cheater. The unsuspecting women he preys on is to make himself feel sexy, wanted and desired. Dont let his charm fool you, he is a psycho who pretends to be your friend and seems to get off on it. It’s like he is a totally different person but once you discover the truth he shows you his real true side which is a lonely middle aged pot belly liar.

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By Ronald

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