Robert Nielsen and Son (CALAFIA 150, INC)


Robert G. Nielsen of 7440 22nd Street of Rio Linda, CA, with his son and daughter-in-law, Paul and Shannon Nielsen of Vacaville, CA, have a very stupid PONZI SCHEME FOR YEARS GOING starting in S.L.O. all the way up to Placer County.

The Nielsens find people they deem dumb, weak or out of it while drugging the persons or their families illegally with courts or without and rent their homes for them with “contracts?”

Suddenly, you are remodeling at their suggestion you pay for to “help” you that they have offered to do for you “labor free” and a couple of years later, they are the owners with no down payment, no payment history and you have remodeled for them to become the owners of your property you paid for taking from you with your consent with no interest they ever paid to you which can only happen to you if they have full access to you, drug you and then take your second home to do the same. Hmm, let’s see, how did that happen?
They take your funds to purchase a bigger home in another area never using one penny from their pockets leaving you with nothing telling you that you forgot to sign a particular part of a paper and falsely hospitalize other family members so nobody can report them as years go by drugging you into a vegetable state while you are now on one of their properties they scammed from another family member. Sound like a good deal? Shannon Nielsen is a “teacher” and Paul Nielsen is at P.G.E. so look for them when they come to your grandparents’ home and you are suddenly in hospitals you have never been in and they have your documents???? How does that happen?. I demand WHATEVER GOD DECIDES WITH A COURT. Stay away

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