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This piece of work was my husband. It all started on Valentines day 2013. We got in a huge fight in the early morning hours. I woke up to him being on the computer talking to some girl. I told him he needed to leave! Well later that day after he had left, I decided to check his facebook and found out he was messaging THREE different girls, trying to get them to have sex and cuddle with him.. while he was in bed with me might I add!Then I checked his email, and found adds that he had posted on craigslist. He was looking for everything you could imagine. The ads were dated January 17th all the way through to February 15. He was trying to get women to do atm (ass to mouth) on him, was asking for women of different races, and in one ad he asked that a women do a gloryhole for him” so he could stick his d**k through the hole for her to suck it”.He came home shortly after Valentines day, but would never stay home for long. He was always going to his so called best friends house. After much investigating, I soon learned that he had cheated on me with over 30 women, while staying with this guy. Most of them were absolutely horrific looking! By this time it had hit March.I toughed it out because he was leaving for a job in Nome, Alaska in early May. I figured the time away from society would do him some good, and he might return as the nice guy I had once known. He continued going to the friends all the time up until he left.During the first week he was gone, I had a women call me. She told me that she was so sorry because she had no clue that he had a wife and kids at home. She was in hysterics because she thought she was a homewrecker and blah blah. I told her that I forgave her because she didn’t know, but then she proceeded to tell me about even more women. These of which he had cheated on me with long before January 2013. Well he came home from Alaska, the third week of May. The same day he came home I told him to pack his belongings and leave. He did. Shortly after, I was STD tested and tested positive for both Hepatitis B and chlamydia. he refused to be checked when I told him.As the summer wore on I heard more and more stories about his sexual exploits. He always gave these women the same story.”My wife packed up my kids in the middle of the night and took of to Texas.”For some reason these girls apparently felt bad for him, funny story was though, that the kids and I had never left.Well over the summer, we had talked a few times about working it out with the condition that he got some sort of counseling for his sexual problems. That never happened.I later found out that he got a girl pregnant in April of 2013, and September 2013. Both while we were still married.He even told me a story about how he was walking down the street, and this woman was walking down the street, and they decided to walk together and have sex! WTF!This man is disgusting, he likes to humiliate women, and hes just an all around jerk! || Ladies, this one is NOT a keeper!

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By Ronald

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