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This is my ex husband and not only was he cheating, but he wrecked 2 homes in the end. It actually all started a week after we got married. I found out he was messing around with some other girl before we had gotten married. About 3 weeks after we tied the knot, I found out that he was trying to continue the relationship with the other woman via a secret myspace he had created using his work email. I also found out that the week after we tied the knot, he was posting singles ads on craigslist. I found this all out one night when I was borrowing his laptop and went to check into yahoo IM and seen the messages back and forth . I was pregnant with my son and so scared of doing it alone. He travelled for his job and was gone a lot. Being in a relationship like that took a lot of trust. Everytime I let my guard down he disappointed me. I kept finding stuff from singles websites like fling,com of him trying to find girls in our area. I also kept seeing him trying to reply to women’s singles ads on Craigslist. It got to the point that I would secretly check his phone every so often. || Well , things started settling down and then I got pregnant with my daughter. He starts up his shit again soon afterwards. I start seeing the emails and such again. I found an ad he posted looking for a girl to start an affair with in one of the towns he began frequenting for his job. It was quite a devastating blow. It was our biggest arguments. He would say that he was sorry and that he would quit. He would say he never did anything and that nobody wants him. Well, in mid November I noticed a huge change in him. He was playing his guitar again, he was avoiding me by coming home and sleeping, and wouldn’t talk to me hardly at all. Our sex life started dwindling and I kept noticing his phone going off and a strange smile appeared on his face. I also noticed when replying to those texts he had a swipe password. I thought it was strange because he never had it on there before . Well, I watched him do his password. Well later on, I had found picture packets in his car. I thought they may have been of us, so I opened them up and there were the photos. They were copies from walmart, which were made recently. I then found a receipt for the packets of photos, frames, and packing materials. Well I confronted him about it. He said he was just doing something nice because her house burnt down and he thought she might like the pictures from when she lost her virginity. Well, later that night I took his phone, swiped his password, and found photos she had been emailing him. They weren’t dirty, but I still thought it was strange she was sending him so many photos so I confronted him about it. Also she was calling him”babes”! He got so mad saying it was none of my business that I should just trust him. Well later that night, I logged into his work email from my laptop (which I knew the password). I emailed her back saying she needed to leave him alone and so forth. He got so mad and told me he wanted to separate. He then sent me a text message a week later to tell me he wanted a divorce. || Well, our divorce was finalized April 1st. I was power walking and I received a Facebook message. This other girl’s ex husband told me everything!!! He had all their skype conversations. My ex was telling her how much he loved her and wanted to be with her before he even told me he wanted a divorce. He was constantly taking to her and she was to him. She was working things out with her ex so they could be a family for their daughter . They were back together when this all started. Also, not even 2 months after separating he went down there to bang her . He also was having unprotected sex with her while knowingly having an STD and didn’t tell her. She found out and they’re still together. So him and his little homewrecker destroyed 2 families.

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