Robert Jones Financial Services Review


He leads you to believe that he will provide funding. He will ask you to pay for some Bullsh*t transfer fee or we will try and have one of his scammer so call investors deposit money into one of your accounts in which you are supposed to send to him. He did that with me and the check was FAKE so my bank Closed my account and put me on ChexSystems. He will tell you that he is an honest person and a legitimate lender which I find that is what all bullsh*t lenders say. He will also tell you that he is lending his own money which is a total crock of sh*t. Real lenders that have their own Capital don’t play games they make your own decisions. Because of him I went ahead and committed to a real estate transaction that I am now liable for and totally screwed on. Stay far away from this scammer. | From all the a*shole lenders I have worked with this guy is the worst.


  • Name: Robert Jones Financial Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Philadelphia
  • Address: 4412 Overbrook Ave
  • Phone: 215-403-3843
  • Website:

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