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After signing up for Project Q1 with Rob Rob Brautigam I quickly realized this program was not for me. Not a big deal right, this program is not for everyone and they offer a money back guarantee. I sent Rob a very polite email telling him that I reviewed the program and decided it would not work for me. He sent me a real nasty email back telling me ‘I have been nothing but a massive waste of his time’ and then sent another email telling me to enjoy my ’10 days of vacation while he will be on vacation 365 days a year’. Very rude individual, I will happily share these emails with anyone who would like to see them from him. If you request a refund from them be prepared for nasty insulting emails. | *SPOILER ALERT: The whole premise of Project Q1 is that you need to buy out of your own pocket an $8,000 water ionizer ‘trifecta’ package before you are even allowed to earn money off of it. | After you purchase it you are urged to push it on your friends and family. Save yourself the money of joining project Q1 and read about the Pyramid scheme | Maybe this program is for some people, it was not for me and Rob insulted me for asking for a refund.


  • Name: Rob Brautigam
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
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