Roadmaster Drivers School of Jacksonville, Inc. Review


Road master is a Scam and they are ripping people off. This needs to stop immediately. I have students that attend my school. I can’t test them so I send them to road master for testing. I made appointments for five different guys, sent all paperwork, they had all the neccessary paperwork ahead of time to review if there was a problem. nothing was emailed, texted, or faxed saying so. First Guy he say he fail the air brake test, second and third guy he say they failed couldn’t use the truck and that he failed the driving part. Fourth and the fifth guy, they wouldn’t test because it was a different truck, now they can’t test them because the trailer had items in it.(proper items for otr truck driver) Paul was called and roadmaster was told to test the guys. A racial remark was made to one of my students totally uncalled for. These guys have been training for four months. | We do not rush our students to finish. We make sure they are comfortable and ready before scheduling a test. So raodmaster failed all my students for No reason just to collect more money. Even the students in there school was complaining about how they fail and still trying to pass and they are not taught. Road Master is taking these people’s money and not providing them with knowledge of being a safe trucker. They are miss lead and pressured into signing a contract for 10,000 to 12,000. I don’t know if they trying to meet a goal so they receive their bonus each quarter or yearly. Anyway you look at it , it’s not right. Some of the students said that everyone fails their first time. The tester Raymond told my drivers to back up before the pre trip inspection, even if you not a trucker you know better. I hope they ready because they have definetly messed with the wrong group of people.


  • Name: Roadmaster Drivers School of Jacksonville, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Address: 1409 Pickettville Rd
  • Phone: 904-783-3333
  • Website:

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