Road Runner Auto Transport – How is this place still in business?

I was moving so I called Road Runner Auto transport called Road Runner Auto Transport to take care of the transport of my vehicle. They were one of the first companies that popped up when searched who could take care of this for me. I confirmed pick up with them and made the payment. I was a little nervous because I had read some reviews about them after I picked a pick up time. A lot of people seemed to have issues with their vehicle never being picked up.I did have a gentleman come and pick up my vehicle exactly on time, but everything after that took a downturn! My vehicle was scheduled to arrive a day after I arrive at my new house. It never came that day. I trusted them with a very expensive vehicle so I got really nervous. I tried to call them multiple times. No pickup. Not with their customer service or the man the picked up my car. I paid a lot of money and I had a lot of money on the line. Three days later, my car showed up. The guy acted like there was nothing wrong. I was furious. He did not bother to contact me AT ALL. Later I was sent a bill for the additional days it took for the transport. How is this place still in business?

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