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Here is my one and only experience with rick of rixinvestigators.com. Overall, i did not get what i paid for. All he had to do was to find the name and address of the employer of the wife of a guy who lost a small claims lawsuit to me. I did not care about anything else. He failed to deliver the one thing i wanted. It should have been child’s play for him. I let him know he failed to deliver. | On dec 17, 2016, rick sent me an explanation of what he would do. “this would be three days of activity over a one week period (8 man-hours per day), including background checks on all parties, surveillance efforts to determine if and where his wife is working, as well as looking into his own business activities for asset location. This would cost you $1,500.00.” | Very expensive, i thought, but i wanted to collect my $3,100 the guy who lost the lawsuit to me had been ordered by the courts to pay. The loser is todd bristol of djs4u.com, who owns a dj and casino entertainment business in the mesa, az area.) bristol is defying a court order to return my money back to me since april 23, 2016. All i wanted was for rixinvestigators.com to do was find out where wife worked so i could appeal to the courts to garnish her wages. Garnishing of wages is authorized. | I signed a contract and sent a check for $1,500 to accomplish this task. I live in colorado, 900 road miles away. I had to trust he could do such a simple task and send me results. Rick put on a big web site that he could do this. | A couple days later, he drove past the residential address i gave to him. “i saw no one there, and passed by about 10:50am.” 10:50 am? People leave for work long before that time. He got license plates numbers. So what? That is absolutely useless to me. Then he looked up some license plate info in the mvd. That is absolutely useless to me. He is burning through my payment and providing useless nonsense in return. | Then he sent me google maps of the neighborhood and some residential deed info. Totally useless to me. He is burning through more of my payment. | A week later, on a monday, he still had not followed her to place of employment. Maybe she doesn’t work on monday. Cut him some slack. | A couple days later, he says two vehicles are gone. So who is driving them? He missed seeing them drive away. He sends a photo of the remaining vehicles in the driveway. The photo is not timestamped. So he missed his opportunity. Why is he late again? And he is burning through my payment. | On friday of that week, he spends time during the day at falcon field airport, waiting to see if bristol is in the area. These guys have lost focus upon what i stated for them to find. And he is burning through my payment. Is this rick guy on vacation at my expense or what? | I gave rick some information of a linkedin page about the wife. She once worked at a dental office. I gave him the linkedin page address. At all time in the future, there was no indication he did anything with that lead. | He finds an address of a former employer. He also confirms she no longer works there. I am no better off than i was two weeks ago. More of my money is gone and no results. | Two weeks later, he states he is trying again. Wife may not be working at that time. Not once to date did he state he followed her driving from her residence to anywhere. That is what is needed to find her place of employment. | About two months after first contact with rick, he writes he notices her car is missing from the driveway more consistently. But i want to know where she works! there is no indication he is at the driveway when the car leaves! being late every day and throwing away opportunities to find place of employment is costly to me and gives absolutely no return on my payment. | Three and a half months after first contact, i again appeal to rick to find where wife works. | Four months after first contact: “also, i’ve got a guy willing to place a gps and find out that way where she works. He’ll charge $500.00, but only if he finds her work. Let me know if that appeals to you, and i will let you know how tomorrow or tuesday goes.” | A couple days later: ” we were there before 7am, and her car was already gone, so we will be back tomorrow earlier to see what we can find. I’ll update you. Here is a pic from this morning. We’re trying to see who is working in the garage. We’ll be there for another 30 minutes. I’ll let you know what we find.” | That picture only indicates he was lying to me. The tree shadows showed the picture was taken in the middle of the day. | I am convinced this guy was not working for me at all. Not once did he do any following in a car behind hers. He said his buddy has a gps tracker. If i pay another $500, i will get results. Why did rick not get one for himself for less than $100 and track movement himself? No photos were dated and timestamped. And never was there any actual following of wife to place of employment. That was the only activity i paid him to do. Then he wants to sucker me to pay more money for somebody else to get results. | This was the second time i had been swindled out of a large sum of money by individual-owned businesses of mesa, az. For those people out of state, i have no confidence that individuals in the phoenix area will do anything for you if you pay up front. Trouble is, you don’t know who is reputable and who are frauds, taking your money and giving nothing in return. So just don’t deal with individuals. Deal with nationally-recognized businesses. | The bbb office of the phoenix area censors important information, like every time i referenced Yscam.com. The bbb site will not allow a victim to post facts of court document details and addresses of other consumer-advocate websites. I will simply seek other websites out and post my comments on the many other sites. Look at sites of other competitors. Reference your phoenix area yellow pages. I will reference my own copy of the phoenix area yellow pages for help. | Now i want an answer from rick of rixinvestigators.com: when are you going to comply with our contract to find wife’s place of employment? So far, you have fraudulently taken my money and did not deliver a single usefull thing! tell us, the readers, why we should trust you at all to deliver what you advertise. Right now, nobody should trust anything you post or say, nor even consider doing any business with you. It will be posted when you return my money or find place of employment, not until then.


  • Name: Rix Investigators
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Mesa
  • Address: 8116 E. Fox St.
  • Phone: 480-382-8210
  • Website: rixinvestigators.com/

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