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This one just won’t give up, first it was Skype calls they both thought I didn’t know about.. Then pictures, conversations saying “I love you.” Then the day came where I seen the conversation about the “amazing sex” they had. That’s enough, I told her off.. and for months now Have been telling her off. She won’t give up. They’ve pretended to break up atleast 20 times. But it was all a show so I’d get off there backs. He has a daughter with me, and we were supposed to be getting married in January. Now she’s telling me to go away and such because she wants me to leave them alone. I am so done with this girl and what she has done to my family. So let’s put the word out there. This one deserves to be posted up and exposed for what she is. I’m now having nightmares, and I can’t even look at my life, myself, or my fiancee the same ever again. I won’t back down until she gets the recognition she deserves.

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By Ronald

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