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My husband have always had somewhat of a rocky relationship, for us, it’s our normal. I would have never expected this to happen, it totally took me by surprise and I still can’t fully believe that it actually happened. || This girl is a co-worker of my husbands. In the beginning I thought something was a little weird because she had obsessive tendencies with my husband on Facebook. Anytime my husband posted anything, she was the first to either like it or comment on it. She then started to post inappropriate pictures and comments, that’s when I knew something wasn’t right. He assured me there was nothing to worry about because he did not find her attractive and that she was super fat. He said if I met her or saw her, I would understand immediately where he was coming from. This gave me temporary relief but it still didn’t ease the discomfort I had regarding him and her. || Randomly my husband tells me that he has feelings her and that she has feelings for him too. I was floored, angry, and disgusted. I couldn’t believe my husband could do this to me and our family, I was in total shock. I confronted her and she backed down because she was scared. She told me she didn’t have feelings for him but I knew she was lying and I knew right off the bat that she was not a good person. During the confrontation, I warned her that if she so much as looked in my husband’s direction, I would expose her to the world and either she didn’t believe me or just didn’t care, you’ll see why (keep reading). I then informed her boyfriend and he didn’t believe me. He chose to believe her and stay in total denial. I felt for him because I would want to stay in denial too, it’s easier that way. She lied to him and made him believe that she was a good, faithful girlfriend. I let it go, I did what I had to do. I made him aware of what was going on and I felt it was only fair that he heard it from me and not her. || I felt so betrayed, angry, hurt, and overwhelmed so I dropped my husband off at work with nothing, absolutely nothing. No car, no house keys, no money, no phone. He needed to see that he really messed things up and I thought by doing this he was realize what he was about to lose. It didn’t work, instead she fought even harder to win my husband over. Between the two of them, there were 309 text messages. They had gone out to dinner at Taco Bell (even my husband can see how worthless she is), they had gone out to bars. They were two peas in a filthy and decaying pod. After she full out denied having feelings for my husband to both me and her boyfriend, she decided now would be the time to tell my husband she had feelings for him. She’s a coward and the worst type of homewrecking whore that there is. She was willing to destroy a family, and hurt innocent kids because she has no respect for marriage, relationships, or others. Her name disgusts me, it actually just causes more anger and rage. The thought of her makes me want to vomit. She’s such a downgrade and I just don’t understand what the attraction could have been. I guess it’s true, the uglier girl is, the easier she is.

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By Ronald

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