Risinger Bros.Transfer 08759 New Jersey


Complaint: Drivers Beware,I was leased ontp Risnger Bros, Transfer out of Morton,Il in 2012.I leased 1 of their trucks..1st mistake,2nd whenever I had gotten a settlement they would show linehaul revenue,Fuel surcharge and extras. I asked why I wasn`t getting a fuel surcharge on every load like stated in the contract and i was told to shut my mouth If I wanted to keep leasing their truck,I spoke up again and decided to challange them and they terminated my contract. They claim to be A Christian based company,They are the biggest crooks of the midwest,I`d like to find other and former lease operators and file a class action suit against them for theft of the fuel surcharges. Anyone can contact me at the following email (((REDACTED))) @Gmail.com

Tags: Employers

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.risinger.com/


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