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Complaint: I am a Private Investigator licensed in the State of Texas, by Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau. In the last two weeks I have received 3 threating calls through my employment and daughter in law. They are calling from 877-717-9946 which belongs to Rincon Management Services 1191 Magnolia Corone Californbia 92879. The calls made by AKA Jim Lewis & Debra Jones who clain they are with the Courts in California and have a signed warrent for my arrest if arrangements on a debt is not paid within two hours. They refer to themselves as investigators and process servers. I have investigated the background of this company and noticed there are pages of complaints with the same law breaking threats. I encourage you as I have done, for any indivisuals to file a criminal compliant thorugh the Carona Police Department Detetive Divsion 951-736-2334. I am also contacting the District Attoney’s Office in Riverside County to file a criminal report of the tactics used by this organization. 951-955-5400.I beleive this is the time for this Company to be SHUT DOWN and the employees using these threats to be charged with Terroist Threats. If you have been involed with this criminal company post your reports with Rip-Off and contact the Police and DA in Corona, California.

Tags: Criminal Justice System

Address: 1191 Magnolia Avenue Corona, California United States of America


Phone: 877-717-9946

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