RideNow Powersports Chandler Review


Highly doubt anyone will do anything or read this… RideNow just does not care. They are a total corporate drone company. I brought my $35000 2015 RZR1000 4EPS to them because of a check engine light. The same issue I had within 5 minutes of taking it off the lot brand new a year ago. After being sold by service for different diag costs and parts I had to pay for of what ended up being $850, I a raised a fit, RideNow had to request Polaris to warranty things in good faith. Good faith? This is the same issue it has had since new. This should be lemon law. I was told a year ago in May I would have an extended warranty from the factory 6 month warranty incase this happened agained, look at this post date and do the math. | Polaris covered a bunch of parts to rebuild at about day 30. They said they were “going to bat for me”. Im in the game and know how it works… The service guys want to get paid so why deal with lower pay for warranty work. The biggest thing that pissed me off was 2 days after dropping it off I was told I drained all the rear diff fluid and over filled the engine oil 4 quarts. I find that hard to believe as a “car guy” in the car aftermarket performance business for 15 years. Though if true, the vehicle would be inop as I put 50 miles on it and no issues. 50 miles of family jeep roads after I supposedly did this. If true, the diff would have locked up, the vehicle would smoke like a chimney. But what do i know. Or what do the $15 per flat rate 20 year old MMI tech kids know. | RideNow had my RZR for almost 45 days to work on it at their convenience. “We have it scheduled for this week, oh we dont have this part, oh this….” If you need to get ahold of someone, this company with 41 stores does not use email or voicemail for their service advisors. I guess you can leave a message with the parts girl who answers the phone for $10/hr and she will take a postit note over, but good luck, those dont work either. But they will call you at the end of their day when they are free and you have been angry all day long wanting a update. Dear Ride Now, bad news is good news, no news is bad news. | When the old GM left to open a store and Texas (good guy actually), I got the new GM contact info. So I sent Cameron a text to let him know my frustration. I got a reply text the following day that he would look into it tomorrow. If you are going to say you will do something, do it. I did not hear back from him after 2 days and sent him a simple text saying, “hey did not hear back, bummer”. Then another day later got a call from Drew the Service Manager saying, “Cameron got a text from you about a issue?”. This basically started on a Monday and ended on a Thursday or Friday. Well I probably did not get the attention I deserve as the GM of Chandler store is the 25 year old kid of the owner, good work. I have spent maybe $50,000 between RZR, dirt bike, gear, over the years. Im done with Ride Now. Talk to Ride Now employees, they think their own place is a joke.


  • Name: RideNow Powersports Chandler
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Chandler
  • Address: 2677 E Willis Rd
  • Phone: 844-866-2677
  • Website: www.ridenowchandler.com/

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