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RICK DUNBAR IS A THIEF. I gave him $ 1,000 to catch my fugitive…After I paid him the money, Rick kept my money and quit the case because he got scared and he is a crook and does not like to work for his money. When I I asked for my money back he said NO…What Money..????? I gave him money for lunch because he had no money so he can work the case after he had the amount of 1,150.00 he drop the case after 2 hours,, never use him he is a crook,, He had no car so I had to pick him up and take him to the fugitive’s house so he could arrest him. Then I gave him 150 for phone search ,,then i found out he does not know how to do phone search.. RICK DUNBAR is just a thief …and a liar. Please to all you bail agents out there NEVER NEVER use him for bounty hunting. .he is not a real bounty hunter ,never pay up front… this man is no good But likes to brag and talk crap about other bounty hunters including Dog and Lipstick…He ripped me off because he is jealous of people I know. Call him at 805-550-5220 and have him give me my $1150 I need back to give to real bounty hunter….Do not pay first. pay after….. Now I have to waste my time taking him to court,, He will not show because he does not have a car He took down his photo so he cannot be found. His name is Richard Donald Dunbar…Donald Duck. Fraud, This red headed thief is too ugly to hide. He is 55 years old and likes to bath in his BIRTHDAY SUITE….He walks around house naked he says..This may is muy loco. Never made it as a bail agent. He is a tattle tale who tells on everyone who is better than he is. He tells on everything he wants people to get in trouble. .

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