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Complaint: Richlea’s Charming Casey AKA Casey Sire Wyatt and dam Magray’s Magial Charm which Charm was bred by Dot Magray at 3 M Boxers Richlea Boxers ,And they abuse their boxers and their dogs ,They Miss represent their Boxers and will not stand by any contract beware of placing a boxer with them also another Champion they own that was breed which they have on their web site stating its the youngest International Champion Baby Puppy in the history of the IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association) is nothing but a lie also the girl cute is not 1/2 euro Richlea Boxers is very dishonest breeders This is a proven fact. Fact Number one no one would even place a boxer with them and we fail for their little trap Fact number 2 yes the dog was returned because they had no choice but to return him . This makes me sick they Richlea Boxers 1. fail to mention how they have broken ever contract they have had with them every breed ,They fail to mention Jims bother is a vet and another bother a lawyer .3 They fail to mention this is not a business but a passion for the love of the boxer bred .4. They also fail to mention they was suppose to make my friends dogs an akc boxers he bred and placed with them into akc champions .Its not that they are afraid of their success it is the fact 1. they broke their contracts both with boxers they placed with them and stud dog contracts as well This was posted on their Face Book page .and web site which is also a lie . No such thing has been brought up on face book about them and on their web site or on my friends web site ………….Its a long read but please read but worth your timeThank You. Dear Richlea Boxersu2019 Friends and Family, Since the beginning of this business our philosophy has been to improve the breed. We have worked to travel above and beyond the expectations of this statement through ensuring our business practices and relationships are honest, transparent, and accommodating. We have encouraged each and every individual who contacts us to do several things: 1. Do your research on us, on other breeders, and on the breed. 2. Come see where our dogs live. Come play with ALL of our adult dogs and puppies. Come see the farm. Come see the livestock. Come meet the family. Anytime. Just give us a call so we can give you directions and make sure we are home to show you around. 3. Ask us anything. Anything at all. We are an open book. We will even help you negotiate with other breeders. If we do not have what you are looking for we will point you to someone who might.Lie number 1 Bottom line: we absolutely LOVE this breed and we love what we do. Our focus has always been on our boxers and matching them with the perfect family. We accomplish this through the honesty and transparency we mentioned earlier, and also through creating and maintaining great relationships with the families who adopt our boxers.Lie number 2 In keeping with the consistent transparency we have always provided, we wish to update each of you regarding a situation that has come to our attention. Recently a breeder has taken to the internet to spread false thoughts about our business and our business practices. By appearances this doesnu2019t look like a campaign that will cease without intervention. So please allow us to tell you our version of this story before you read anything else.Lie number 3 nothing false Until recently, we worked very closely with a fellow breeder. This breeder served as our mentor and helped us start our business. As time continued and our business grew, we began to notice a change in the working relationship. Despite maintaining consistency in our practices and relationship, this breeder appeared to become upset with the success of this business. Naturally, divisions formed and this person demanded the return of a boxer we had purchased as a puppy. After much thought and consideration, we chose to return this dog and dissolve the relationship we had with this breeder. A month passed without another word uttered. Lie number 4 Two days ago, this breeder began to belligerently send fifteen text messages threatening to ruin our business and create a page on their business website to destroy us. This person did indeed create this page and it is available to read as of the time I am creating this letter to all of you. As of this morning, this breeder also chose to begin attacking our business through their Facebook account. We have chosen to refrain from entering this fight, and you will not find us following the path this breeder has chosen to take. We will not name names. We will not point fingers. We will not point out all of the ways in which this person is wrong. Instead, we have unanimously chosen to issue this joint statement simply asking each person who reads this to do your homework on our business.If you come across the statements from the breeder in question, we ask you to look for the crimes he accuses us of. We simply choose to rest on our laurels. Please contact us if you have even the slightest question. The invitation to come see our farm, where our dogs live, and play with our dogs still stands. You wonu2019t be turned away, and just as always, weu2019ll be entirely honest and transparent. With sincerity, Richlea Boxers.Lie number 5 Richlea boxers the kennel name alone tells you they want to get rich from being a puppy mill . I know the breeder and he would not send text message he will call you or knock on your door their is nothing on his web site about Richlea Boxers Don’t trust these boxer breeders I bought a puppy from them and it died in 3 days with bloody stool which is provro and it taks 7 days for it to devolped . So the puppies was sick when I got it .I know the breeder they are speaking of and its is a fact they even stole his contracts of his web site you see a puppy for sale by Richlea Boxers run remember James allphin bother is a vet and he has a bother that is an attroney at law

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Address: 27327 Foliage Road Pierce City, Missouri USA


Phone: 417 476-5207

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