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I have recently laaid offf my company which I went for the legal aid cennter which michelle told me that she | was specialized about this type of case and I signed the agreement thinking she will do the demand letter as | she told me in july 7, 2017. | she never told me the monthly fee wil be charge and only said her rate is $270 and as I was complainting to her | that the employer was charging $300 dollars to get the employment of letter. she said going to take care of it and during | the waiting time as I have talked with her in july 17, 2016 that we should reported to government as I was being harass on the job and I have writen her all the story in earlier day and she refused to said it was harassment and tell me not to talk to anyone and she was busy with other client on the phone and I told her that I have reported to the BC government and only has 3 months of limitation. every time I have talked with her she has no information about my file and asked me to repeated all the story | and I read the agreement again finding out that there is a monthly fee charge but she never told me that I confront her about it but she never told me the feee and I have complaint to the director later date which she was surprised that there is | monthly fee as the director told me there usually didnt have this fee involved. | In aug 2 , 2016 she told me that they have lost my file , in the agreement they do used student lawyer to work on the | file which I believe they has lost my file therefore I told them to stop all activity on my file and I was to stop using her | as my lawyer. But she want one more week for her to sent me the draft of the demand letter, again in the demand latter | didnt have any date about the harassment, therefore I drive my car down to her office to hand in the letter to have her | terminated for representing me and she has the guts to charge me $1500 for works that she has not work on for the whole month.


  • Name: Richards Buell Sutton LLP
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Vancouver
  • Address: 401 W Georgia St #700
  • Phone: 604-682-3664
  • Website:

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