Richard M Abdallah honolulu Hawaii


Complaint: Richard will promise you exactely what your asking for help with. He is very Manipulitive that way. he will listen and return your calls and once he has your money he will not respond to your calls. he promised me for 3500.00 he could complete my TRO and divorce hearings to the end. I told him i was handicapped and un able to work for a undetermined time and i could not pay more then the 3500.00 up front. He did attend Two TRO hearings and just prolonged them by each time Instead of quickly resolving the issuies. after this had gone on for awhile i had asked him to give me a final bill and reimbursement the remainder because i had no money and i had to get to california for a criminal hearing related to the divorce. at that time he itemized the bill and of course it had come to 3539.00 suspisiciouly just what i had paid him. of course i had to end his representaion of me as i had no more money. i ended up having to attend the hearing with out representation and lost the case. a week before i had contacted him and asked how much it would cost for him to represent me at that hearing only mind you we had not even started the divorce yet. he did not respond back to me at all. his bill was overstated time on everything phone calls and reviewing documents. he spent two hrs according to him talking to my wife and about what he would not say entirely. he recieved e mails from her in which he would not share with me and i suspect something fishy going on with them if you know what i mean. His advice was not in the best interest of me, the client, only his own pocket book. he took advantage of a poor disabled man. he has no right to be a attorney in my opinion and i will be filing compliants with the ethics board and the california bar. i will not let this go until i get a remedy. in short richard will promise you the stars and delivery the moon. i have been treated better by car salesmen in the past.

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Address: 455 University Ave sacramento, California USA


Phone: 916 226 4480

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