Richard Gonzalez – Fontana, California California


This dickhead of a pussy is named RICHARD GONZALES. Back in 2012 this man started in boxing me on Facebook. It started by a simple do you remember me? I said no. He then continued to inbox me on a daily basis or make comments on my page.”Have a great day beautiful!””Kick ass beautiful! Enjoy your day!” ect. I thought nothing of it. Nor was I ever interest. LOOK AT HIM!! Friends I thought. The inboxing continued daily! We became friends SO I THOUGHT!! He was the whore of my husbands whore bitch! Through the years we spoke. He was never disrespectful or ever angry. Even cried to me about his issues about his kids with his ex(or was she? His fb profile has her in it) always telling me that I deserved the best. My prince charming was there.Because i spent alot of time at Disneyland. Blah,blah,blah. I thought did he mean himself???… Eeew! But never commented out loud.After being in a relationship that led to getting married we did not really speak. My soon to be ex husband was terribly jealous.I was not allowed to have any male friends. Post anything of myself without him or even have of a male comment on my fb never mind like anything!! They had to be deleted immediately! Or it was an argument. It was a disgusting kind of sick jealousy! Even checked the bottom of my heels once ( they were brand new) to see if they were dirty had I gone anywhere. Over the months and years Richard would call telling me my husband was talking to his whore friend. And rumors were vica versa the ehore Rocio Sabala (De la Hoya) was saying I was with Richard. FALSE RUMORS! || My husband and I would laugh at them because of the games they played.The last time he did it I was about 5 mnths pregnant and my pregnancy was high risk.I called him out yelling at him I told him I would call him back when my husband got home from work. Told him to 3 way that bitch(since he would not give me her number) I was sick of the high school bullshit games! It was ending! HE NEVER PICKED UP WHEN WE CALLED BACK. MY HUSBAND CALLED HIM ON MY PHONE TOO. NO ANSWER. While pregnant the whore called my baby names and I texted him for her number. She was so over the line! NASTY BITCHES! DESPERATE HOES BOTH OF THEM! Asshole told me he was no longer in contact with her for over a year. A LIE! That sorry piece of shit texted me when all the shit hit the fan in my marriage. Trying to talk to me. I cussed him out because he sent me a pic of the whore and my husband. He then said he was GLAD ALL THE IMMATURE GAMES WERE OVER.WTF??? IMMATURE GAMES ON WHOS PART??! DIRTY MOTHER FUCKERS! The piece of shit told my husband face to face he had been sleeping with me thru out my marriage and still is sleeping with me!!We do not even speak!! He never ever came next to me! Sick bitch!! That whore’s little donkey! How many times did she fuck him for him to help her?? MOTHERFUCKER WISHES HE HAD A CHANCE! Who does that? Trying to destroy a marriage and then a marriage with a baby. These maggots are going to get there’s! Khama is their bitch! Just as that weak ass POS that I married is getting his! Nobody in their right mind does drugs and drinks EVERY WEEKEND AND WEEK DAY AT TIMES. Only pathetic idiots who numb themselves from reality! And that fucking whore is right there! Egging him on to drink and do drugs. Sick ass scum! EXSPOSING THESE DIRTY ASSHOLES FOR WHAT THE DID FOR 3 YEARS!! BLESSED they keep saying! TESTED BITCHES! Evil does not get blessed! And what has been stolen from my son will be paid back 10 times fold!This will be sent to his so called wife and family! Pay back is a bitch!! Just like they are! I make no excuses for the ass I married either! The courts are taking care of him.

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By Ronald

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