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My fiance was hoping to propose to me the day before my birthday, the day he was taking to me Chicago for the whole day. He bought the wedding band (a beautiful set of three welded bands with diamonds wrapped around) from Rogers and Holland. He bought the diamond wholesale because it was much cheaper. Rogers and Holland could not set the diamond into the band and re-size the band by the time he wanted to propose. So he took it to Richard Engels Jewelers, not knowing it would be one of the biggest mistakes of our lifes. nMy Fiance had taken it to Richard Englers because they could set the diamond and resize it in only 6 days. Which was perfect for my fiance because that was the day before our big day in chicago when he was going to purpose. First Richard Englers charged us over two hundred dollars more then what they told us it was going to be because as they explained, “It was such a beautiful unique ring that they wanted to make sure they did a good job

and it would cost more than they had told us.”” So he paid over two hundred dollars more

for my beautiful ring to be sized

and set with the main diamond. He got it just in time

and it looked great. Everything went great for about three and a half weeks. nAlmost a month later I noticed two of the tiny diamonds on the band were missing. I started to panic and right away took it to Rogers and Holland were we had bought the band

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By Ronald

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