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I was married to my husband for over 10 years. We were together since July of 2001, have 3 amazing kids together. Everything was going great. Finally getting our lives back together after being apart for military reasons, deploymen’s and such. Everyone says we were an amazing family, that they could see how much my husband loved me and our kids. He was always great to us. Always there for us. Yeah we had minor arguments now and then but nothing to drive us apart. Everyone was in complete shock when it all happened and pretty much everyone said you all seemed like such a happy family. We did everything together. || Well on July 6th of 2014, we were packing up to come back home from a vacation. Something didn’t feel right for me, so I went outside to assist my husband in taking down our tent, I noticed he had a phone that I didn’t see before. I asked him to see it but he tried to hide it from me. I got it from him and what do you know, only one number on there and it was Rhiannon, as everyone calls her rhae. I start going through the phone and seen all kinds of bad photos on the phone..some nude that she had sent him. I immediately called her and called her out on her action..she said we are just friends. Yeah right, what kind of friends send nude photos to eachother. NONE. Well come to find out she is married as well. Her husband never found out about her affair with my husband. I asked my husband to tell me what all happened. He said she would not leave him alone at work. They are coworkers. She would do anything and everything to get him to smile and laugh, and until he did she bothered him. He admitted they had sex in her van after work and other times. || It was all took much for me. I eventually filed for a divorce. Last I knew they were still messing around and her husband doesn’t know about it. I look at her and think she is such a whore and my husband is not her only victim and he won’t be her last victim. She lied about everything and still tries to deny everything..but I have the photos and my husband telling me he fell in love with her, he thought she was something. He admitted to sex with her and everything else. I am mad at both of them, but more her. What kind of married woman does that stuff. And what kind of married woman sends nude photos out to other married men..I wonder how would she like it if someone came along and did that to her. She plays the victim well, cause she is a master liar and manipulator.. I want her exposed for what she is..a whore. It’s not fair my kids home is broken apart while she goes on with her life like nothing happened. Seeing a married man for over a year behind her husbands back and my back. I hope she gets caught real soon. I called her out but she cried to cops saying I was harassing her and she didn’t know me. But she knew my husband. Dumb bitch knew me, she seen me bringing my husband lunch while she stalked us when I came to see him at his job || She should of been stalking her own husband. She is completely nuts and a liar and whore. I wish I can get the images of the nasty photos she sent my husband out of my head. Some are worse than ones posted.

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By Ronald

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