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I am wife to Mario Barrios. We have two children together . My husband started to cheat on on 3/15/2012. Now it is coming along 3 years 3/15/2015. I am hanging on with faith that my marriage will work it’s way though all this by a miracle from the lord our father. My husband and Rhiannon meet at work. She is the supervisor manager over the (removed) Nursery. I found out on my own by going through the phone records and investigation with the help of a private eye. My husband lied to me, he wasn’t doing nothing . That I was crazy . I meet with her at our house in front of him with two witnesses. My husband had her lie to me. I knew it was true that night by just looking at them two looking into each other’s eyes. || My husband left me and the kids on November 14,2014. My husband moved into Rhiannon Spaw’s house to live with her. It’s been 3 months. On February 23,2015 Mario moves back in to live with me and the kids. But he chooses to sleep in my 16 year old daughters bedroom while she isn’t living at home. He is seeing me and seeing her at the same time. (The whole three years my husband is getting to have his cake and eat it at the same time. I want my marriage to work I want our family to be together not a broken home anymore. I am still in love with my husband a lot. I am messed up for sticking around this long tormenting myself) My husband doesn’t come home on March 9,2015 he is spending the night with his girlfriend Rhiannon Spaw’s house @ (removed). I go to my in-laws house to talk with them . I find my husband and his mistress having dinner with my in-laws. I am disgusted. It causes my anxiety I am shaking . || I haven’t filed for divorce my husband hasn’t filed for divorce yet. I made an appointment with the divorce lawyer in November but my husband was a no call no show. || She told me she couldn’t help falling in love with married man . It just happened. My husband told her that our marriage was broken. That we were getting a divorce, that he was only with me was because we have two kids together. || This isn’t me I am not the problem or the one to blame . I didn’t put a gun to my own husband’s head and tell him to lie cheat and steal. I am better than this rat chick. || My husband Mario Barrios and her Rhiannon Spaw went to Guatamala on a vacation in 1/15/2013 for two weeks to go and stay and visit with my husband’s family. She came to my new job and told me and showed me the pictures of them in Guatemala. || I am posting this to get revenge on you being a homewrecker to my family and my marriage. I want everyone to know that you are capable to do this. I want this to follow you for the rest of your life in social media. You are 31 years old with no children you can get any single man you want and married and divorced once when you were in college. But now you are stuck on my husband.

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By Ronald

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