RGA REPORTE Las Vegas Nevada Review


The incident happened in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some guy in a silver Ford Esape SUV comes up to me outside of this Wells Fargo bank and asks me if I can help him. He said he needs to get to Italy on Luthansia Airlines and only has credit cards. He shows me these leather and suade jacket which I thought were worth a few hundred dollars. He wants to give to me for free if would help get to Italy. He wants $85.00 to help him get back today. I thought I was doing the right thing by beening a good samaritian. I find out I was wrong. He says he is in town for MAGIC trade show. I think about and say okay I will heip out. I wanted to be a good guy. The guy’s name is Alfonso. On his passport and business card he is listed as Matteoalfonsini and it has him listed as a Manager and designer. His phone number is 081.265682. His fax is 081.5520404. If you see this guy run away since these are fakes and do not help him out at all.

2625 E. Sunset las Vegas,NV 89120 Las vegas, Nevada United States of America


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