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As I am getting older, you want to find GOOD product that help fight the aging process. I usually do not fall prey to the advertising touted by celebrities, But at a time of weakness I thought I would jump in and try a “No Risk Free-Trial” product endorsed by Chrisie Brinkley. I Wanted to order the youth cream to see if I liked it. I thought that I had looked for all the fine print to make sure I wouldn’t be charged for the product if I didn’t care for it. I wasn’t able to find such fine print. So I ordered the youth cream, and during the ordering process I somehow ordered the eye serum as well. But I thought, no big deal, it’s a “FREE TRIAL” I did try the product for about 2 to 3 weeks and did not achieve the results I thought I would get based on the advertising I had come across. | Them one day, my bank account was charged $29.97 and $25.94 for the two products. I called and spoke to Agent 36 (whos name I won’t include) and she said I could return the unused products to P.O. Box 41542, St. Pete, FL 33743 after supposedly checking to make sure she was giving me the correct information. She even gave me a RMA#1A720F0C77E3 that had to be clearly displayed on the packaging on the return. Again, she put me on hold to supposedly check to see if I could be refunded for the charges debited from my bank acct on 12/1/2016 and indicated all she was authorized to offer me was a 35% refund total $19.57. She said she could transfer me to a Supervisor that may be able to help me with my request, but. | Agent 36 transferred me to Agent 73 (name also withheld) and she told me that I COULD NOT return the product and their warehose would not accept the return even if I sent it. She also told me I WOULD NOT be given ANY refund at all. She said they have company poliicies that have to be abided by and if I didn’t like how they run their business, she was sorry. I reiterated that they advertise a NO RISK FREE TRIAL, but she said I needed to call within a 14 day timeframe, even though I was told by the first Agent that I needed to use the products for more than 2 to 3 weeks to see any results. Now when I viewed a video demonstration of the product, it showed someone applying the eye serum on an older ladies one eye and fanning her face with a piece of paper to in order to get the product to dry quicker and the results could be seen on the treated eye. And, to my stupid amazement, I saw a difference within a seemingly few moments. | Anyway, Agent 73 didn’t really care that I was not happy with the products and didn’t see the same results as in the video, but I could not return or receive any refund on the 12/1 charges. If ReVita Youth was doing so well and they had a good product, the measling $55.91 I was asking to be returned to me wouldn’t make a dent in their bottom line. | I was gullible and got Duped. I could understand if I reorder the products and then tried to return them after using for a couple weeks. I would have never called the company requesting to return and get credited a refund. I would live with my decision to continue using the worthless (in my opinion) product. My hope is by reporting this complain, I can save some other gullible person looking for help to stay completely away from ReVita Youth and don’t order anything from them regardless of the “NO RISK FREE TRAIL” advertisement. The only positive outcoming from my call to ReVita Youth was that my acct was cancelled and I would no longer receive anymore products andmy bank account would not incur any more charges from them. But, WE SHALL SEE HOW THAT GOES. As I was duped by them once already.


  • Name: Revita Youth
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Saint Petersburg
  • Address: P.O. Box 41542
  • Phone: (888)898-4647
  • Website:

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