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Yes for the last week I received 5 phone calls from these mediators ego are representing a Cash Loan company Cash 200 these people apparently sent me out a check 3 years ago I was living in a hotel with my exhusband and my son and we was trying to get a Loan to Pay for the room we had so the hotel staff kicked us out homeless and we even went back to that hotel checking too see if our mail was there and the Lady there said no I had order a cell phone that also got stolen there and she said he never came and the cell phone company said it did she lied. That woman who works for that mediator Office was rude and she would not even let me speak on the phone I reported her Plus I turned in that hotel no one keeps my mail USPS can also decide what the punishment is in stealing my mail and my property there in alot of trouble. I was told this is a scam but it is not the loan company has my SSN and so does these mediators. I did apply for any loan I could her and no one I did get and I can prove I never cashed no check I have notified Cash 200 about this already today so someone better start explaining there self at that hotel and these mediators and this Loan company.


  • Name: Retrival Mediators
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 1-214-975-5285
  • Website:

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