Retail Maintenance Specialists & Construction LLC Review


The company contracted me to install an outlet in approx 60 stores within SW Florida. We complied and installed outlets per their instructions. | With travel and labor paid, we were supposed to eek out a very small profit but than RMS made another request for us to return and make changes with very little compensation where we would lose money. We refused the subsequent job and billed for completed jobs. tThey threatened us but we would not budge and lose money on subsequent request. | RMS said that payment would take 45 days but to date not one penny was paid even after numerous calls and billing requests. | Mr Romeo has not only stolen the material we paid for but the labor and all expenses we paid do do the work. | We kept all calls, emails and texts and tried everyway to get paid but to date Mr Romeo feels that he can walk away. I believe he is wrong in his assesment.


  • Name: Retail Maintenance Specialists & Construction LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Waretown
  • Address: 1 Memorial Dr Suite 101
  • Phone: 609-978-6440
  • Website:

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By Ronald

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