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Great Day to All! nI would not want Your family or friends to have to deal with the nightmare and the constant stress associated with this MAJOR Problem! nI filed a complaint with Residential Warranty Co of Harrisburg, Pa (RWC File No. 62657) on March 14, 2011 while our home built by DR Horton was still under warranty. We were notified after a lackluster inspection that structural damage could not be determined. We were told via the inspection report that there is no damage to our home! nAlthough, it would have been very nice to have an indoor pool that was not part of our plans for this home. Could you please share these videos with any and all that you may know whom have either purchased a home with DR Horton and/or had warranty coverage via Residential Warranty Company, LLC. nVideo #1: #2: nI pray that there is quick relief to our problem.

5300 Derry Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania United States of America


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